Израильская косметика

The Israeli company KART Cosmetics Ltd, widely known in the world market since 1993, as a developer and manufacturer of cosmetic products for cosmetologists, masters of pedicure and manicure. Experience and knowledge accumulated by the company for many years allow us to state with confidence that KART offers the best, modern solutions for specialists in the field of cosmetology and pedicure.

KART is a recognized exporter in many countries of the world, which has established itself as a successful, reliable and dynamically developing company.

The company strictly follows its principles and high quality standards, involving leading experts in sub-science and dermatology in the development of drugs.
KART produces innovative, high-quality products containing unique formulas with a high concentration of active substances. The company maintains a constant and close relationship with practitioners, taking into account their comments and wishes. Products are subjected to thorough testing.

Modern cosmetics KART is aimed at eliminating and correcting many aesthetic problems of the skin of the legs, hands and nails. A number of drugs has no analogues, which makes them almost indispensable in the work of masters. The drugs allow you to significantly diversify individual programs and provide a targeted solution to any problem with the care of your feet, hands and nail plate.


  • aimed at eliminating and correcting many aesthetic problems of the skin of hands, feet and nails
  • does not require steaming
  • contain highly concentrated natural and active components that do not cause allergic reactions
  • have high bactericidal properties, promote rapid regeneration
  • effectively eliminate dryness, cracks and various damaged skin
  • have a therapeutic and prophylactic effect and effectively fight most types of fungal lesions, solve the problem of unpleasant odor
  • save time and strength of the master when performing pedicure of any complexity
  • guarantee complete atraumaticity
  • Economical in use, which causes a low cost of procedures
  • prevention and painless removal of corns
  • correction and care for ingrown nails
  • preparations for home use effectively complement the salon procedures and can significantly speed up the result.
  • are not contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women
  • recommended for people with diabetes mellitus

The company KART pays great attention to the training of specialists. Seminars, master classes, thematic courses, lectures with the participation of well-known specialists and subtexts – help to master the methods of working with drugs and professionally solve a number of aesthetic problems.

KART is efficiency, reliability and quality!

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